Strataware Update: 19/02/2016

Note: Australia servers were updated on 19/02/2016. South Africa and MENA will be updated on 22/02/2016. 

This update contains a number of performance enhancements across the board along with some small feature additions.

  1. Management Fee screens load up to 3x faster

  2. Levy batch completion is up to 3x faster

  3. Accounting screens perform  up to 2x faster

  4. PDF generation process improved up to 2x faster

  5. Pagination optimised and page record numbers increased to 1,000 (less number of pages to flick through on big screens)

  6. EFT advice email now includes “invoice number” in subject line

  7. Term deposit and security deposit reporting on Trial balance and I&E improved

  8. Negative “Other Levy” import functionality added

  9. Due date checks made flexible for Water and Electricity levies

  10. levy message functionality added on Global Levy Run screen