Strataware Update: 06/08/2015

The Strataware system was updated today with the following features:

Global Levy Statement

The Global Levy Statement has been enhanced to allow you to run it over any date range. It will now also include units that have a zero or credit balance. The format of the report has also been enhanced.

Click here to see the help desk article for the Global Levy Statement feature.

Accounts Payable Activity Report

A new global report (and export) that provides a breakdown of all invoices entered in to all buildings based on User. Able to be run over any date range from the “My Business > Reports” screen.

Split Levy Run’s

When issuing levies on large buildings, the system will now break them up in to batches of 300 units. This provides a significant reduction in time taken to issue levies over large portfolios.

Malaysian GST Updates

The Chart of Accounts has been updated with GST codes for Malaysian clients.

Importing Other Levies

Importing of “Other Levies” will now accept negative values. This means you can now bulk import levy credits.

Disbursements Update

The disbursement billing system has been updated to improve its functionality and track the printing of some additional reports including:

  1. Income and Expenditure Statement – Transaction List

  2. Proposed Annual Budget

  3. Annual Account Settlement

  4. Aged Debtors