Urbanise Strata Update (73)

Today's update includes new ledger screens for reporting on management fees issued and maturing investments, and the ability to upload signatures for printed cheques.


Management Fees Ledger

Navigate to Finance > Management Fees > Fee Ledger to view the new screen that displays issued fees within a date range. Results can be filtered by plan number or property.

Maturing Investments

Navigate to Finance > Global Functions > Maturing Investments to view the new screen that displays investments maturing within a date range. Results can be filtered by plan number, property or manager.

Cheque Signatures

Save up to two signatures for printed cheques by navigating to Settings > Financial > Cheque Signature and dragging the image file onto the screen. Signature files must be in jpg, jpeg or png format and must be smaller than 2MB in size.

General Journal - Assets & Liabilities

We've improved the functionality when creating an entry in the General Journals screen and adding a code for the following Categories:


  • Investment Account

  • Security Deposit Account


  • Loan Account

  • Holding Account

When selecting any of the above account categories, a list of all active accounts for the relevant property will be available to select.

Please note: Investment, Loan, Holding and Security Deposit account categories will show in the account selector where an active account of that type exists for the selected property. If no active accounts are found, the category will not be available to select.

Section 40 Certificate for QLD

A Section 40 Certificate is now available to be exported in PDF format by navigating to Reports > Plans & Lots for plans where the region is Queensland. This report is required when selling a unit in a building that falls under the BUGTA legislation in Queensland.

Fast Track Financials

The Fast Track Financials feature is designed to attach PDF reports to tasks as part of the post year end process. Changes have been made to the Annual Financial Statement parameters used for this process.

When generating the Annual Financial Statement as part of the post year end process the following report parameters are now used:

  • When the ‘post year end’ process runs on Fast Track Financials, the Annual Financial Statement that is attached to the task is using the report parameters specified in this card

  • No other changes are made to Fast Track Financials

  • Cost Centre = All cost centres (costCentre)

  • Title = Annual Financial Statement (annualFinancialStatement)

  • From/To = Unchanged from current implementation ('prior year') (fromDate/toDate)

  • Report Tax Provision = FALSE (taxProvision)

  • Audit Mode Revenue & Expense = FALSE (auditModeRevenue)

  • Include Intermediate Month End Accruals = FALSE (showMEAccruals)

  • Fund Type = Both (fundType)

  • Report = Concise (detailedReport)

  • Include Budget = TRUE (includeBudget)

  • Annual Budget = FALSE (annualBudget)

  • Variance = FALSE (checkbox: includeVariance; dropdown: varianceType)

  • Previous Period = TRUE (includePreviousPeriod)