MyCommunity Update: 23/02/2016

Version: 3.7.1


  1. New client login widget

  2. Widget now renders correctly on mobile devices

  3. Print report option added to:

  4. Collections

  5. Annual Budget

  6. Income vs Expenditure

  7. Account Payable

  8. The “What’s on” section on the Community page now shows complete event/notice when clicked


  1. All ajax made faster and shows correct loader to display processing status

  2. Client widget improved, now it supports “on site” error display and password recovery

  3. Weather widget improvements on the Lobby screen

Performance & Refactoring

  1. All the ajax request is faster now (Eg: No more hanging while selecting different filters)

  2. Refactored and improved code base

Bug Fixes

  1. Various issues in My Request page

  2. Filters on the financial pages improved

  3. Community pages login redirect issues and error not showing issues

  4. Map coordinates update (cache issue)

  5. South African levy payments screen issue