Monitoring Platform Update: 23/02/2016

  1. More compact, visual display of all Locations at the Customer level

  2. Visual “LCD style” site display designed for sites with hundreds of sensors

  3. Full support for Operator users to add sensors, gateways and configure sites without the need for Super User access

  4. Ability for Operators to create new, and copy existing Profiles

  5. Updated “Gateways” view within “Systems & Sensors” that shows battery and signal strength to help diagnose install problems

  6. Battery and Signal now visible without creating additional sensors (on the above mentioned Gateways page)

  7. Various improvements to navigation including the addition of “breadcrumbs”

  8. Ability for Super Users to move Locations between Customers

  9. Implemented a QR “Stock Control” system for sensors not yet installed

  10. Device audit logs to track movement between Locations & Customers

  11. Added support for Current (Amp) sensor

  12. General bug fixes