FM Platform – Update

Specify Which Job Templates are Allowed on a Contract

Urbanise’s Job Templates (planned, reactive, quote) are global for each customer’s site. From today, Operators leveraging Urbanise’s “Contracts” functionality can define which Job Templates are linked (allowed) for use on a Contract.

For existing Contracts, no job templates have been linked meaning all job templates are available just as they were prior to today’s release. However, once you link 1 or more Job Templates to a Contract, it means that users can only raise new work using the linked job templates for a given Contract.

Note: Linking job templates is currently supported via importing a CSV file. It is strongly advised that any imports are prepared by first exporting the existing list of linked Job Templates and then making the necessary changes to the file, (additions, updates or deletions) prior to uploading.

When raising (proactive) jobs from the Workforce App’s “Raise Job” tile from the homescreen, a minor design change requires the Account to be selected prior to selecting which Job is required.

A new Workforce App update is required and you can find links at the bottom to update your App.

Specify which Ratecards are Available on a Contract

Urbanise’s Rate Cards define labour and/or part/material rates for suppliers and are global for each customer’s site. From today, Operators configured to use Urbanise’s Contracts functionality can define individual rate cards and their rates per Contract. This provides additional flexibility where Suppliers can have different rates across different Contracts for the services they provide.

Note: For existing Contracts, all existing rate cards have been copied and moved to every existing Contract so that the platform and operational behaviour remain as they were prior to today’s release.

Variable Margin Job Quote and Invoice Line Items

Prior to today the Urbanise FM platform supported standard rates and custom rates with fixed margins on all job quotes and invoices. We have made it more flexible to submit quotes and invoices by providing an additional way to specify a quote/invoice line item. Operators will be able to specify custom rates with a “variable margin”, meaning the line item Cost and Sell amounts can be specified to any amount.

Contact Urbanise Support if you would like to enable this capability for your site

Improvements to Invoice list screen

Performance improvements to return faster results.

Improved support for large bulk updates (approve/reject) preventing connection timeouts.

Selected invoice count now shows you how many invoices you have selected.

Hide Visibility of Costs on Job Quotes and Invoices From Your Workforce

From today, suppliers that have the permission “Hide charges and rates from field agents” enabled will not have visibility of the costs on their job quotes or invoices. When using standard rates from their applicable rate card(s), they will no longer see the cost amount.

As expected, when using custom entered costs, the supplier must still enter in the cost amount for the quote/invoice line item as they do today.

Note: check your existing supplier’s configuration settings either by exporting all of your suppliers from the platform or manually edit a specific supplier’s permissions.

Control Due Dates on Reactive Work Orders

Applicable to reactive work orders, including callouts, Operators can now update the due date and time of a work order, therefore having the ability to set/view the customer’s due date for the work.

Note: reactive work orders also set their initial due date based on the first job’s due date that may have had an SLA rule applied to it and set the job’s due date in the future. Updating a work order’s due date does not impact any job due dates.

Operators Can Now Specify the Title of a Callout’s Work Order

When Operators raise a Callout, they can now provide an alternative custom title to the work order, instead of relying on the auto generated title.

Further, when viewing a Callout’s details, Operators can now edit the title of the callout.

New Way to Manage Custom Attributes for Assets

There is a new screen within the Assets section to manage custom Attributes. Clicking on the sub-menu “Attributes” will list all custom Attributes used within your Asset Register. From here, operators can

  1. Rename and delete an attribute

  2. Rename, add and delete list options for an Attribute of type LIST

Updates will apply to those asset types and assets using the Attribute.

Upload Multiple Files on an Order or Job

When uploading attachments to an order or job, operators can now select multiple files (max total 50MB) using the Ctrl key to upload.

A New Workforce App Update is Required and Now Available in the App Stores

Download at the Apple Store

Download at Google Play

This update also includes various bug fixes and improvements.

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