FM Platform – Update

Workforce App Update

Single User Sessions for the Operations Center

From today, the Operations Center will limit user access to single sessions, meaning shared agent accounts will not be possible across Operators and Suppliers accessing the Operations Center.

Note: This planned update was previously communicated on July 26 for an anticipated release date post 31 Aug 2019.

For security measures, it is important we maintain the accuracy of user activity in the Operations Center through the platform’s internal audit tracking.We will soon be enforcing single user sessions within the Operations Center meaning that shared Agent accounts will no longer work. If you login to the Operations Center on a different browser/device, the session you had on the previous browser/device will expire and redirect you to login to the Operations Center. It will not be possible to have multiple sessions logged in at the same time for a given site across devices.

$0 Job Quotes and Invoices

Job quotes and invoices can now be submitted and approved where the total Cost and/or Sell totals $0.00.

Profit Margin Visible on Work Orders

The work order details page now reports the margin (profit or loss) between the Sell vs Cost amount for job quotes and Invoices within a work order.

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