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Custom Work Order Fields

As part of the Contract model, operators can now specify custom fields of Work Orders specific to a contract and apply them to

  1. Reactive work

  2. Planned work

  3. Callouts

  4. Package orders

Each custom field can be specified as “mandatory”, preventing completion of an applicable work order when the custom field is empty.

They can also be made visible or hidden to Suppliers using the Operations Center.

Similar to job fields on jobs, work order fields are defined to accept user inputs:

  1. free TEXT

  2. dropdown LIST of options



New Permission to Update System and Custom Fields

A new Operator Agent permission called “Update system and custom fields on requests” allows Administrators to control which Operator Agents have the ability to change the current value of a system field or custom field on a work order and job.

For work orders, the two system fields include:

  1. External ID (used for integration to 3rd party systems)

  2. Project Code

For jobs, the two system fields are:

  1. External ID (used for integration to 3rd party systems)

  2. GL Code (typically used for financial systems integration)

Custom fields refer to the custom work order (above) and job fields you have defined for your site.

Note: the permission specifically refers to changing/updating the field values from their current value. If empty, any user can still specify a value – regardless of the permission.

New Permission for Operator Access to Job Invoices

Via a new Operator Agent permission called “View job invoices“, Administrators can now control which Operator Agents have visibility of job invoices within the Operations Center.

With this permission enabled, Operators can access the Invoice list screen and have access to individual job invoices on the job screen. Restrict access by disabling the above agent permission.

Note: all existing operator agents have this permission set to maintain consistent user behaviour post update.

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