FM Platform – Update

New Operator Permission to Update Submitted Quotes

A new permission is now available to allow/deny Operators from updating a package or job quote once it has been submitted.

Note: Existing operator agents have this permission enabled.

Bulk Upload a Single File to Multiple Jobs

For Operators that have the “Bulk Update” permission, they are now able to bulk upload a file to multiple jobs from two available screens –

  1. Job list screen

  2. Invoice list screen

Update Next Action Using the Job Update Importer

The existing job update importer now allows Operators to update the next action on jobs by specifying the Next Action name.

Change Account on Work Orders When in “Review” Status

We have relaxed the rules and allow Operators to change the Account on reactive work orders when the work order status is in REVIEW.

Update your Workforce App regularly for the latest enhancements and fixes.

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