FM Platform – Update

Enforce work instructions prior to job check-in

Operators can now define work instructions that need to be completed (filled in) by Workforce users, prior to checking in to a job. Applicable to all job types, reactive, quoted and planned, it requires the Workforce user to complete the checklists prior to commencing the job. This is useful for completing any safety checklists or audits.

The work instruction checklists are visible on the job completion report (job summary) similar to the close work instructions. Any updates or edits to the pre-checkin work instructions are tracked and visible via the job summary screen/report.

Existing work instructions prior to completing/closing a job remain unchanged.

Workforce users are prompted on check-in to complete any mandatory pre-checkin work instructions.

This release requires users to update their Urbanise Workforce App.

Update requester details on the work order

All reactive work orders and quoted work orders are capable of having the requester details (name, email, phone) updated from the work order screen.

Requester details visible on the job

Exposed on the job screen are the requester details captured for the work order. Cycle through the Name, Email or Phone icons to view the content.

Mandatory requester details when raising work

Contact Urbanise if you would like your site to enforce the collection and recording of requester details, (name, email, phone) when raising new work orders. When enabled, it requires the Operator to record the requester details on step 1 of the reactive and quote wizards. Currently all requester fields are optional.

Prepare job quotes and invoices using tax exclusive amountsA

Operators and suppliers using the Operations Center have the ability to prepare job quotes and invoices with or without Sales Tax. This allow users to enter amounts into the quote/invoice line items excluding tax, by deselecting the checkbox “Line item amounts include tax“.

The system now calculates and displays the Total amounts, exclusive and inclusive of tax on job quotes and invoices.

Add an asset to a job or change the asset for an existing job

It is possible to attach an asset to an existing reactive job that was raised for a location/site. Depending on the job, operators will see a new menu option “Add Asset” from the job’s COG menu – beside the Next Action field. The list of assets available to select from are assets linked to the job’s location.

For single asset jobs, operators can change the asset if they have made a mistake.

Change the location of an existing reactive work order

In the event an Operator has mistakenly raised the wrong reactive or quote work order, it is now possible to change the location of the work order, which also updates all jobs within the work order to the same location.

Add an area to a job or change the area for an existing job

Reactive jobs sometimes miss important information like the area the job is for. Add an area to an existing location based reactive job or modify the current area on the job using the “Change” link beside the Area.

‘Invoice requires your approval’ emails

We’ve reduced the number of users receiving the “invoice submitted requires your approval“, which used to send to all operators with an approval limit high enough to approve the invoice. We changed this behaviour to send the email to the operator assigned to the work order provided they have a high enough approval limit.

Remember to update your Workforce App today!

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