FM Platform – Update


Modify sell amounts on invoices waiting for external approval

A new permission is now available to allow/deny Operators from modifying a job invoice’s Sell amounts, when waiting external approval. Useful for Accounts Receivable staff, where the Invoice Costs are approved but requires external approval on the invoice Sell price. Operators with the permission are able to “Modify Sell” which allows the following actions:

  1. Modification of existing fixed margin rate line items by changing the margin %

  2. Modification of existing variable rate line items by changing the Sell amount

  3. Adding additional variable rate line items where only the Sell can be specified

  4. Remove existing line items

With this permission, it is not possible to:

  1. add/modify standard rate-card line items

  2. add fixed margin rate line items

  3. modify existing variable rate line item Cost amounts

Note: Existing operator agents have this permission disabled.

Search orders/requests by custom work order field data

Custom work order field data now uses partial matching to improve the result set when searching for matching work orders/requests.

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