Facilities management features of 2021 and beyond

Managing facilities requires a whole lot of everything: Time management, accountability of workforce, customer satisfaction, managing multiple sites and most importantly, how to do all of that every day.

It is no secret that this kind of work is demanding, so it has been an eye-opener keeping up with the most recent developments technology that makes facilities mangers' lives easier.

Data & analytics

With real-time analytics, trends are identifiable, inefficiencies are revealed and yield from capital investments are maximised. Analytics allows businesses to understand their outlays, assess supplier performance, establish KPI ’s, predict asset failures and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Customer portals

Online consumer portals, which can often be white labelled and configured in many ways, serve as a platform to raise maintenance requests or purchase services. Portals allow your direct users communicate with your facilities teams, receive updates on their requests and contact support.

Mobile applications

Cloud-based applications are accessible from anywhere and are scalable to as many devices as needed, including smartphones and tablets. Each tasks are tracked to ensure visibility, control and improved efficiency all from your pocket!

Asset management

Asset management modules seem to be the current day cherry on top of the cake. Providing automated life cycle planning, tracking any type of asset on site, configurable asset attributes, document management and whole of life maintenance forecasting and history. Often this asset management ties directly back into analytics and can be tracked through mobile asset capture utilising photo recognition technology, QR code scanning and barcode scanning.

2022 is set to be another fantastic year in the facilities management world. Is your facilities management solution ready?

About the author

Marcus Mullins is a former facilities manager responsible for improving efficiencies and profitability for a number of different companies and sites throughout Australia. He is now the Victorian sales lead for Urbanise, the industry leader in facilities management software.

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