Urbanise platform adopted by Operon’s WeFix

Urbanise.com Limited (Urbanise) (ASX:UBN) announced today that Operon Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Operon) will use the Urbanise platform to underpin its expansion into the retail services market.

Operon’s consumer division – WeFix – will use the platform to manage and deliver maintenance, cleaning and renovation services to homes and office complexes across Kuala Lumpur – including the prestigious downtown KLCC neighbourhood.

Commenting on the announcement, Operon Senior Vice President Mohd Azlan Abas said, “For the first time, Kuala Lumpur residents can enjoy world class property services to their homes and offices. While we have invested in great people to deliver the service – it is the underlying technology that will set the WeFix offering apart from other offerings. Urbanise’s cloud-based platform not only mobilises our workforce, but enables the real time service delivery management. We know the location of our people and can plan service delivery to the minute – while our Customer Care Centre is in constant contact with the client. This approach changes the game for home services delivery in Malaysia.”

Urbanise CEO Ben Churchill added, “We have been working with Operon for some time and are thrilled that their consumer division WeFix will be using the Urbanise platform to enter the consumer services market in Kuala Lumpur. This is a major new initiative by a global organisation and we are confident that the WeFix brand will become a significant player in home services throughout South East Asia.”

Operon recently launched its WeFix consumer services division in Kuala Lumpur – and plans to extend services to other South East Asian centres through 2015.

About WeFix

With two decades of experience managing commercial buildings, Operon launched the WeFix brand in 2014 to enable reach into professional end-consumer home fixes. Operon has resourced a fully dedicated team of technicians and operations staff with emphasis on superior customer service quality. By applying commercial-scale technical expertise to end-consumers, Operon is able to offer the same professional service expected of us by our clients to the homes we reach.