Urbanise Facilities Management Update - 27 February 2021

Today's update provides more control of SLA rules by defining one or more escalation points for a job's Response or Completion SLA.

SLA Escalations

Operators can now update their existing SLA rules to send an email to nominated Operator Agent(s) when a job is about to breach its SLA by the number of hours prior to the due time.

An email is sent to the nominated Operator Agent(s) within 10 minutes or less of an escalation point meeting its designated time. This way further action can be taken to mitigate or avoid a job breaching its SLA.

A sample of the email can be seen below

SLA Enhancements

The following additional enhancements and improvements have been made to the SLA rules engine:

  • Define response and completion times where the response time should be included in the completion time. For example, for a 1-hour response with a 3-day completion SLA, selecting the new option Completion time includes response time the Urbanise SLA processing engine will include the 1 hour within the 3-day completion SLA, instead of being added to the response time (1 hour + 3 days).

  • SLA due times for response and completion now cater for time zones based on the job's location.

Other updates

  • The Operations Centre location and asset job plan list screens display results in table format.

  • The Operations Centre Location attachments screen allows you to search for files and filter by Document Type.

  • Workforce apps show location custom field information for a job on the "Other details" screen. (requires App update)