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Transforming Strata Management with Urbanise

Case Study: OccamStrata

This case study illustrates the successful integration of Urbanise into OccamStrata's operations, highlighting the tangible benefits and growth achieved through strategic innovation and technology adoption.  

OccamStrata's transformation, driven by a strategic rebrand and the effective use of Urbanise, showcases how technology can enhance operational efficiency, client satisfaction, and business growth. Urbanise continues to be an invaluable partner in their journey, enabling the company to set new benchmarks in strata management. 


OccamStrata was born from Managing Director David Vien's acquisition of Longview Owners Corporation in April 2023. In September David launched the new brand, OccamStrata, giving the company not just a cosmetic change but strategically redefining its brand perception and drive growth in a competitive market. 

OccamStrata established a fresh vision rooted in the principles of Occam's Razor—a philosophy of the 14th century that emphasises simplicity and clarity, values that are instilled in their service culture.  

In the past twelve months following the rebrand, OccamStrata has doubled its lots under management, and have grown in staff numbers from four to dedicated team of thirty strata managers, assistants, accounts and management.  

Implementing Urbanise

Ingrid Goldenfein has been in the strata management industry for over two decades. Starting her career as a trainee, Ingrid worked her way up through various roles, gaining extensive experience with both large commercial and small residential strata schemes. In 2023, she joined OCCAM Strata as Head of Boutique Communities. She recently discussed OccamStrata’s recent growth with Urbanise   

How have you utilised technology to foster business growth and how has Urbanise contributed to your success? 

Central to our growth has been the utilisation Urbanise Strata. The platform plays a key role in facilitating transparency and efficiency, two core values of our company.   


The Community app by Urbanise has significantly enhanced the client experience by providing greater transparency and control over their affairs. We heavily promote the use of the Community by Urbanise portal which allows for transparency of information to owners.  


We actively promote the Community by Urbanise portal, which has been extremely well received by owners and has bolstered our reputation. The app allows owners to see detailed breakdowns of income and expenditure, giving them unprecedented insight into financial transactions. This transparency has garnered positive feedback, as many clients have never experienced this level of detail before, making it easier for them to review and understand their accounts. 


The Community portal also puts essential data at our clients' fingertips, enabling them to self-service for tasks such as accessing copies of invoices or levies. This feature has significantly reduced the volume of phone calls and emails for simple requests. Most clients prefer the convenience of self-service tools, and we've seen high adoption rates among our user bases, fostering trust and satisfaction. 


Additionally, Urbanise Strata allows us to operate more efficiently. The Task Module allows us to record, track, and keep record of task histories and enables us to demonstrate our value through detailed committee reporting. One of the most valuable recent updates has been the ability to export data to Excel, providing clear and detailed reporting on tasks and activities. This feature has been particularly beneficial, allowing us to showcase the full scope of our work and the value we provide in a transparent manner.  


With this data at our fingertips, we can now effectively address fee-related queries by presenting a granular breakdown of the tasks and activities undertaken on behalf of our clients. This level of clarity and accountability has significantly enhanced our ability to demonstrate the true worth of our services. 


The inbuilt reporting capabilities, such as the Aged Levy Statement and the Tax Ledger (BAS Report), have streamlined our processes tremendously. Our accounting staff can effortlessly generate the Aged Levy Statement every month, allowing them to promptly follow up on outstanding levies. The Tax Ledger has been an incredible time-saver and has significantly reduced our workload and reliance on external accountants, leading to improved efficiency and cost savings for our organisation. 


When onboarding new properties that already utilise the Urbanise platform, the transition process is remarkably easy. We gain immediate access to all historical data, allowing us to hit the ground running from day one. This seamless transfer of information and the ability to swiftly integrate new properties into our systems has been invaluable, enabling us to provide uninterrupted service and maintain continuity for our clients. 


What tangible results have you experienced, such as portfolio growth or enhanced client engagement? Additionally, how does OccamStrata measure success? 

The tangible results we've experienced at OccamStrata have been truly remarkable. In just 12 months, we have more than doubled the number of lots under our management – a testament to the trust our clients have placed in us. 


However, we measure success through a holistic lens that goes beyond mere numbers. Client satisfaction is paramount, and we continuously strive to foster effectively run communities where harmony and cohesion thrive.  


The state of maintenance of our properties is another evaluation tool, ensuring that high standards are consistently upheld. We also believe that success lies in empowering our clients with foresight and preparedness for the future. We work closely with our communities to provide insights into capital expenditure needs, such as the implementation of solar panels or EV charging stations, equipping them with the tools they need to make informed decisions. 


Moreover, we gauge our success by the level of connectedness our communities have with their wider local environment. We encourage active participation in local council events and initiatives, fostering a sense of belonging and integration within the broader community. 


Ultimately, financial viability is a key indicator of success for us. By ensuring that our communities are operating efficiently and sustainably, we can confidently say that we have achieved our goals and delivered value to our clients. 

"Urbanise actively seeks and implements user feedback, continuously developing and releasing features that meet our evolving needs. This progressive approach ensures that we remain at the forefront of technology in the strata management space. In just 12 months since our strategic rebrand, we have more than doubled our portfolio, an achievement that has supported by the strategic leverage of Urbanise. Their platform has been instrumental in fostering business growth, operational efficiency, and client satisfaction." Ingrid Goldenfein, Head of Boutique Communities

If you're interested in learning more about Urbanise Strata, book a demo with one of our team today.

MelbOC and Urbanise CASE Study


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