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The Emrill Case Study


Emrill is an award winning Integrated Facilities Management provider in the United Arab Emirates commanding an exceptionally high level of client retention and growth.

A Recognized Facility Management Company

With over 5,500 staff directly employed, the company offers the full range of facilities and asset management services. Emrill manages some of the largest and most complex buildings in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with corporate and residential clients spanning master developments, residential communities, corporate, leisure and commercial complexes. Recently crowned Overall Facility Management Company of the Year at the Middle East FM Awards for the second year running, Emrill quickly recognised how the Urbanise Platform could transform its day-to-day business.

Game-Changing Technology

“The Urbanise platform enables us to provide a world-class e-commerce experience for our corporate and consumer customers,” explained Emrill’s Managing Director Jason Ruehland, “The software’s speed of deployment and ease of use is like nothing else in the market. Urbanise not only allows us to sell more services to customers, but to deliver them more efficiently. And with the platform’s asset and energy monitoring modules, we are able to deploy new business critical maintenance models to further enhance

our customers’ service experience. We are able to significantly disrupt the traditional tender process. Using Urbanise’s remote monitoring technology, for example, we were able to submit a bid to a national telecom provider for maintenance of their base-stations that was 20% lower than our traditional offering and at higher margins.”

Using Urbanise’s service e-commence and fulfillment platform for its consumer business, over the course of two years Emrill had a 210% increase in recurring revenue and organically grew from 1800 poor customer records to 30,000 high quality customer records. During this period, due to the operational efficiencies that Urbanise delivers, Emrill moved from a loss-making position to a 25%+ gross margin. By levering the same technology and deploying customer self-service for corporate customers Emrill hugely increased their satisfaction and their ability to be monetised. The variable works portal helped them increase volume and reduce turnaround to additional works on contracts. This has yielded in a cycle time reduction of 40% and a 60% increase in the capture of these additional revenue opportunities.


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