Pro-Rata Non-Renounceable Rights Issue Shortfall Limited (Urbanise) (ASX:UBN) advises the Pro-Rata Non-Renounceable Rights Issue closed on 06 February 2017 with applications for entitlements received totaling $6,049.88 being for a total of 26,888 shares. Details of the shares to be allotted and the impact upon total securities on issue are contained within the table below.



Shares currently on Issue


Shares offered under the rights issue (maximum)


Entitlement Shares applied for by Shareholders


Shortfall Shares issued to the Underwriter without Shareholder approval


Deferred Shares which may be issued to the Underwriter following Shareholder approval


Total shares on issue upon issue of Entitlement Shares to Shareholders and assuming all Shortfall Shares are issued to the Underwriter will be 322,447,006. Total shares on issued upon issue assuming all Deferred Shares are issued to the Underwriter (subject to Shareholder approval) will be 353,887,699.

It is expected that the Entitlement Shares and Shortfall Shares will be issued to Shareholders from whom valid applications were received and the Underwriter in accordance with the previously released Rights Issue timetable.


For more information, contact:

Kim Clark Company Secretary +61 07 30109393