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How automation boosts your productivity up to 500%

Urbanise and Quick AP

Did you know...

Automation significantly boosts the number of invoices processed per month per staff member, from the average of 503 to 2492 - a 500 percent increase

How does it work?

If you are an existing Urbanise Strata customer, simply contact us to for more information about QuickAP.

QuickAP is an outsourced AP service for the strata industry. We do everything needed to process an invoice – receive, scan, file, verify, code and send for approval. You just click Approve and Pay.

The service means faster processing of your invoices, more accuracy and real-time visibility.


• Invoices take hours to process, instead of days

• Quicker approval times

• Greater transparency and reporting tools

• Streamlined and efficient audits

• Less errors and duplications

• Free up time for staff to manage more business

• Less paper

• Faster retrieval of documents and related information

• Greater security and reduced risk of fraud

To find out more, simply contact us using the the form below.


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