General Meetings made easy with technology

Once upon a time, the sheer volume of work that went into preparing for a general meeting was the norm. Now, general meetings are made easier with software automation.

Don’t believe us?

Scheduling tools

In older times, strata managers would have to carry a big fat diary everywhere to schedule meetings. We then had to typically transpose these dates onto a master schedule in our office.

Taped to a wall.

Naturally, each branch had its own master and we would need to call other branches to check dates if we needed their facilities.

Now, thanks to scheduling tools, modern strata managers will never build up the muscle tone from carrying around a big diary everywhere or experience the pain of double-booking and risk upsetting a client.

Agenda creation

Older strata managers should all have a war story about the agenda that went out and was spectacularly wrong due to a basic typo or a missed critical field.

With modern automation, you will never have to call the chairperson to apologise and send out new documentation for this kind of human error. The automatic pull of dates, levy amounts, insurance details etc. being magically transposed instantly into an agenda, without the risk of error, was at the time a bit the realm of science fiction.

Voting papers and proxies

Voting papers and other meeting forms, such as proxies, were once manually prepared for each meeting and checked as part of the meeting pack.

Doesn’t that new strata manager will ever truly grasp the tedium of having to make minor changes on these forms?

So do new managers have it better?

If general meetings are so much less work today, why are strata managers still so busy?

The answer to that is in the efficiencies and workload that a modern strata manager can handle.

The sheer volume of buildings/units that a strata manager can manage effectively is significantly greater today. This means that while the average revenue per unit has dropped dramatically, through the use of sophisticated strata management software tools, strata managers are managing significantly larger portfolios to a high standard whilst achieving excellent profitability.

For new strata managers, it has never been a better time to manage general meetings.

About the author

Shaun Meyrick is a former consultant and head of strata business units responsible for improving efficiencies and profitability for offices in a number of jurisdictions. He is now the Business Development Manager for Urbanise Pty Ltd, the industry leader in strata software.

For more information, please use the contact form below or connect with Shaun on LinkedIn (Shaun is voted most friendly in our Strata Division, especially on Mondays and Tuesdays).