FM Platform – Update

Revoke Approved or Declined Job Quotes

Urbanise’s job quotes can now be revoked by Operators that have an “approval limit” higher than the quote’s total amount. A new “Revoke” button is visible below the Quote to reverse the approval or rejection of the quote.

Audit logs are generated on revoking a quote.

Change the Account on a Reactive Work Order

Operators that have the new permission “Change account on reactive work order” are able to update the account on a reactive work order. This is possible on “in progress” (ie. open) work orders.

Note: This functionality is limited and won’t allow you to change the account if the work order has billing events (charges or credits) against it.

Reopen a Support Request

Operators enabled with the new permission to “reopen support requests” are now able to reopen a completed or cancelled support request. Reopening a support request will transition the request back to “In Progress” and a comment is also added to the request for tracking.

Raising Corrective Jobs on Planned Work

When raising additional jobs against a planned work order, the new jobs are now set to “corrective”, in line with Workforce App behaviour.

Asset Electronic Code

When searching for Assets, you can type in the Asset Name, Number, ID and now also by Electronic Code (Ecode).

Additionally, you can update the Electronic Code by editing the Asset or using the asset update importer, via the CSV export.

Link a Specific Job Template to a Contract

Operators can link individual job templates to a Contract via the Contract’s Job Template screen. External Reference is optional and used for integrated systems.

Update your Workforce App regularly for the latest enhancements and fixes.

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