Director Appointment Limited (Urbanise) (ASX:UBN) today announced that Mr. Almero Strauss has joined the Board of Directors, filling a casual vacancy.

Almero is a director and has been an executive member of the Mertech Group’s investment team since 2008. Mertech is a private investment group that was founded in 1980. From a single, start- up business Mertech has grown into a diversified investment portfolio with significant interests in companies in the technology, commercial property, financial services, fintech, renewable energy, mining and logistics industries. Almero looks after and represents Mertech on the Board of Infotech (one of South Africa’s oldest IT companies), and is very familiar with the Intelligen and Wattkeeper assets that Urbanise recently acquired.

In addition to his role at Infotech, Almero represents Mertech on the Boards of Mobile Data (develops and manages TradeSwitch®, a virtual product distribution platform), Renewable Energy Holdings (the foremost independent developer and long-term investor in the hydropower sector in South Africa), Mertech Marine (a world leader in the recovery, dismantling and recycling of out-of-service deep sea telecommunication cables), and Tala Resource Development (a greenfield and brownfield mineral developer in the Southern African region).

Having initially qualified and worked as an electronic engineer, Almero also obtained pre- and postgraduate accountancy qualifications from the University of Cape Town before launching his career in strategy and management consulting. During his career Almero has worked with leading international firms Bain & Company and Deloitte in South Africa and the USA. Almero was also a founding member of Decipher Consulting, a South African niche consulting firm, where he was an executive director of the business.

Almero’s appointment follows the recent investment in Urbanise by Argosy Capital Limited (Argosy). Almero’s employer, Mertech, has a strategic relationship with Argosy. Both Argosy and Mertech share a common investment approach and ethos. This has led to a close long term cooperation and collaborative investment between Argosy and Mertech.

Initial Director’s Interest Notice

About Argosy

Established in 2008, Argosy Capital Limited is a privately-owned business headquartered in the Isle of Man. Argosy invests off a proprietary balance sheet in opportunities across a range of industries and jurisdictions. Their focus is predominantly on private equity investments, including limited exposure to venture capital. Argosy does not have a fixed investment horizon and does not raise or manage investments for the public.

About Urbanise

Urbanise is the creator of a cloud-based platform for delivering building services. Designed for service providers, the Urbanise Industry Cloud software-as-a-service platform is transforming the traditional engineering approach to building operations – improving customer service, removing operational costs and enabling new revenue streams. Urbanise technology is used in some of the tallest towers and most prestigious communities around the globe.