3 Reasons Strata Managers Should Be Operating in the Cloud

With less than 30 percent of strata management software currently operating in the cloud, it is not surprising to hear that a large number of strata management companies are working with outdated technology.

Dramatically improving the day-to-day operations of not just strata companies, but varied industries, the benefits of cloud technology far outweigh the negatives, especially when it comes to privacy.

What do strata companies without cloud-based technology need to know?


Though there are advantages when working with on-premises solutions, the security offered by cloud technology has become far superior. With intuitive, round-the-clock monitoring, cloud technology confidently addresses common security concerns of data tracking, phishing and more.

On a professional and personal level, users are becoming more aware of their privacy and are rejecting – or are at least wary of – platforms whose data security is at risk. Cloud service providers make a considerable investment toward developing certified control systems because they know secure, reliable and accessible data is of the utmost importance for users.

Take Whatsapp, for example. An announcement made by the parent company, Facebook, informing users that some of their data could be shared between platforms, sparked users to become concerned about their privacy and beckoned a shift by many to other encrypted communication apps such as Signal.

Frequent updates

Differing from the programs we have all used in the past, cloud technology is seamlessly and frequently updated by developers, ensuring that its users have access to the best and latest technology without having to outlay additional costs to upgrade.

With technology constantly evolving, on-premises alternatives can become obsolete faster than they are created. Therefore, cloud computing is an investment not just in the present but also in the future.


Cloud technology offers users a frictionless experience. Strata managers no longer need to be tied to their desks working through large amounts of manual administration each day. Instead, cloud technology offers automation and accessibility at a level not achievable with on-premises alternatives.

Solutions are seamlessly integrated with mobile apps so that users can access data remotely, 24/7, and reporting, finance and communication tasks can be streamlined and managed with deep AI at the click of a button. The automated technology space can seem daunting, but cloud technology is redefining the traditional approach to strata management.

Should strata managers consider the change?

Of course, the list of benefits supporting the use of cloud technology isn't limited to peace of mind and ease-of-use. By transitioning to the cloud, strata managers will also benefit from increased cost savings across resources and operations, confidence that their solution will be scalable with the growth of their business, and seamless integrations with other cloud platforms like banking and meeting management to truly streamline operations.

It's time to say goodbye to bulky servers, time-consuming admin and expensive hardware upgrades and invest in the future of cloud technology.

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