Urbanise Strata Update (100)

The first release of 2022 includes the following enhancements and bug fixes:


Tax Ledger

A new ledger has been added to assist in understanding how tax is calculated on the balance sheet and for tax returns. The tax ledger collates data from accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, levies, levy ledger and various journals.

To access the Tax Ledger, navigate to Finance > Property Ledgers > Tax Ledger for properties registered for GST.

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General Ledger Enhancements

The following enhancement have been added to the General Ledger:

Accounts Payable Credit Notes

A new option is available to create an AP Credit Notes.

To use this function from the General Ledger, navigate to Finance > General Ledger and select the + icon, then AP Credit Note.

  • When prompted, select an invoice and enter the Credit Amount and Credit Date

  • When the process is complete a negative and positive transaction is created in the General Ledger with the same invoice number and reference number.

  • The negative transaction will be available in the Accounts Payable ledger to match the General Ledger transaction

  • The Payments section of the original AP invoice will show the credit note transaction

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Reconciled items

A new option Ledger Date has been added to the General Ledger. When an item is marked as reconciled in the General Ledger, the system will automatically add the Ledger Date in the same column as the reconciled checkbox. The default date may be changed by clicking on the Ledger Date.

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Filtering and Searching

  • When using the search bar in the General Ledger, results will now be included from the Invoice Number field.

  • A filter has been added to the Amount column.

Bulk payment reconciliation for Mashreq Bank

When a daily settlement is processed, CC Avenue settlement files containing bulk payments will be reconciled to allow individual records within the bulk file to be identified and processed against each record.

  • Accounts Payable entries are created and marked as paid for records that include commission

  • Unidentified receipts are created for items which cannot be matched

User Groups

A new user group External References has been added to control access to third party integrations. The permissions are directly related to the following areas, which now contain a new field External Reference under Integrations.

  • Owner, tenant & supplier address book screens

  • Associated contacts popups

  • Plan Details

  • Unit Details

Uninvoiced Disbursements

When arrears are issued by the automated invoicing system, uninvoiced disbursement items are created based on existing database configuration. A new screen has been added to allow visibility of the configuration and to allow the settings to be edited.

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The new screen is accessed by navigating to Settings > Financial > Arrears Disbursements.

Mollak Integration

Two new options have been added to the Mollak Setup screen:

  • Synchronise unit owner data from Mollak to Urbanise Strata

  • Synchronise unit owner from Urbanise Strata to Mollak

Tenant Records

Tenant records have been enhanced to honour the Parent CID for agencies configured with multiple branches.

  • All child Tenant data is loaded when accessed in the Parent CID.

  • Tenants and their Associated Contacts can be edited and updated in the Child CID and changes are reflected in the Parent CID.

  • Tenants and their Associated Contacts can be edited and updated in the Parent CID and changes are reflected in the Child CID.

  • Tenants and their Associated Contacts can be created in the Parent CID and changes are reflected in the Child CID.

BMC/BMS Reconciliation Report

A new reconciliation report is now available in QLD and NSW for plans configured with the following parameters:

  • Region is NSW - BMC or QLD - BMS on the plan (Mandatory)

  • BMC/BMS accounting functions are active on the plan (Mandatory)

  • Finance > Entitlements > Cost Allocation has been configured for the plan (Optional)

The BMC/BMS Reconciliation report is available from the Reports > General Finance menu.

Fixes and Other Changes

The following items were resolved in this release:


An error occurred when attempting to generate the files from the Pending File Generation step of the BAS module when existing BAS configured properties were migrated to another CID. This issue has been resolved.


Missing property data in the database resulted in an error when opening budgets for a limited number of properties. This issue has been resolved.


Loading indicators have been added to the General Ledger when selecting the reconciliation checkbox, and to the BAS module when selecting a transaction to Include/Exclude/Defer. While the loading indicator is running to update transactions, no further selections can be made.


When an overpayment is made on a transaction, a duplicate line was added to the transaction table resulting in an error when loading the Cashflow module. This issue has been resolved.


When viewing a note for an archived property in Timeline the note could be edited. To resolve this issue, change was made to remove archived properties from timeline notes.


When a Management Agreement Expiry date was changed, the event in the Timeline was not refreshed accordingly. This issue has been resolved.


When a note description was changed, the event in the Timeline was not refreshed accordingly. This issue has been resolved.


The Activity Log for ePost has been updated to display the correct timestamp and lot number.


Validation has been added to prevent commas being added to the Supplier phone number field since this was causing an error in some third party integrations.


The nameFK parameter had the incorrect value type for POST and PUT in the Supplier API. This issue has been resolved.


The AR Receipt API has been updated to use the same reference as the AR Invoice.


apAccrual POST validation has been added when no category is provided.


The supplierStatus parameter is now included in the list of mandatory fields and the appropriate response message is returned.


Should you have any questions about this update, please contact our HelpDesk.