What we love the most about being Urbanisers

We asked Urbanisers in our Dubai, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Sofia and Cape Town offices what they loved most about working for a dynamic tech company. With cool offices stocked with colourful bean bags, foosball and ping pong tables, creative breakout rooms and a corporate culture based on flat hierarchy, flexible hours and casual Friday everyday, we expected their answers to be ‘working in flip flops’ but instead their answers proved that people value team work and a challenging projects above everything.

Here is what Urbanisers love most about being part of a dynamic, fast paced tech company:

‘The opportunity to change and disrupt an industry.’ Aaron, Implementation Consultant

‘The fun work environment. We are a small team and we genuinely enjoy working together.’ Sajitha, Graphic Designer

“The ability to be innovative!” Nick, Supply Chain and Technical Support Manager

‘I love to work with my colleagues and team. All of them are professional, passionate and dedicated to the success of the product’. Ekaterina, QA

‘Every day is different and made interesting by highly interactive discussions with customers’. Jobian, Technical Sales Manager

Building kick ass technology without having to deal with layers upon layers of bureaucratic hierarchy’ Babu, Scrum Master

‘The ability to create not only beautiful and useful applications, but tools that are smart and intuitive to use’. Peter, Senior Front End Developer

‘The challenge of continuously keeping up to date with the latest technology trends’ Daryl, Device Engineer

Our technology is always evolving and it creates challenges that keep us captivated.’ Sharee, Support Consultant 

“I get up in the morning because working at Urbanise throws different and rewarding challenges everyday….” Adrian, Product Manager for Service Delivery and Facility Management

‘We keep apace with technology. i.e we’re the first to know the latest innovations’. Edmore,  Accountant 

“Development on a large long term software project” Matt, Developer

‘Sharing data is caring about data . We make meaningful changes to the system which will have an impact on the heart and soul of businesses forever.’ Eldene, Migration Assistant