How Agile Defines the Way we Work

At Urbanise Agile is a philosophy that is at the very heart of our software development and that allows us to develop cutting edge technology and amazing designs within deadlines and budget. But even more importantly, it allows us to adapt and incorporate changes in scope, features and priorities seamlessly. As one of our Scrum Masters Babu says: ‘The most important reason for using agile is that it embraces the fact things can and will change. Clients’ priorities change. Clients’ needs change. And agile allows us to tackle and accommodate change as and when it happens’.

This is made possible by the fact that the customer’s priorities always drive the development process. To facilitate this the Dev Team, Product Owner (who represents the client within the team) and client collaborate very closely together. The development team works in short sprints of 2 to 3 weeks in which they have to achieve some key goals  set by the client through the Product Owner.

At the end of the sprint there is a sprint showcase or demo where team presents what they have developed. Immediately following the demo there is a joint retrospective to examine how well things worked and what needs improvement. This way of working means that the client has constant access and visibility of the development build and the team stay focused on what the client actually needs. It is a very collaborative set up that allows for issues to be raised and addressed promptly; decisions are made quickly and blockers addressed immediately ensuring smooth and fast delivery. “We aim to show, not tell’ finishes Babu.