FM disrupted: a new era of innovation

Tired of putting your hand in your pocket every time you win a new client or need a system change?

These days are long gone with our cloud based service delivery platform. At Urbanise we don’t charge you ongoing consultancy fees so you can focus on growing your business and only pay for the services you use. We understand the issues you face day to day and our implementation plan guarantees no disruption to your business upon transfer.

What makes us different?

Urbanise offers clients’ smarter ways of servicing cities and completely transforms their daily operations by doing so.

New Revenue Streams

The Urbanise platform is the first and only platform that combines the power of e-commerce with service management engine that can plan, work and deploy the field force dynamically. Unlike traditional CAFM systems that do not have the infrastructure to manage online sales the Urbanise Platform was designed specifically for selling services directly to building occupants. Service providers can now grow their EBITDA by up to 30% by accessing this new and lucrative market. Reduced Costs Our pay-as-you-grow-subscription model means that there is no upfront capital expenditure and no hidden professional services costs. You only pay for the services you use giving you flexibility and supporting your changing business needs as they grow. Unique Eco-System Each module of the Urbanise Platform offers its own individual benefits. Single access to this innovative range of functionalities creates a broad and unique set of business benefits that cannot be replicated in scope and or depth by any other competing software or technology.