Facility Management Disrupted

In recent years, there has been a growing understanding of Facility Management’s strategic importance in the running of cities and most importantly the future of cities. To put this into context, imagine this. By 2050, it is estimated that two thirds of the world’s population will live in cities. These dramatic urbanization trends will put strain on the infrastructure of cities and with 95% of buildings already standing, there is a real need and opportunity for facilites management to make existing buildings smarter.

Right now Facility Management companies are crumbling under the weight of operational inefficiencies and expenses. These costs are only made worst by burdensome IT systems that are time consuming to implement, expensive to adapt and limited in scope and vision. Many CAFM systems make up to 80% of their revenues from professional services in the form of implementation and consulting fees. Not only are these expenses unnecessary but worst of all, they act as deterrents to change.

Understandably companies don’t want to pay through the nose every time their CAFM system needs to be updated to meet market & client needs – limiting FM companies instead of supporting their vision and goals.

As a cloud based platform, Urbanise’s innovative technology is redefining the FM industry with the following five pillars of disruption:

  1. Cloud technology/ SaaS Model that is flexible and easy to deploy

  2. IoT Sensors that give you real time building analytics

  3. E-Services Solution that generates new revenue

  4. Ability to oversee service delivery in real time

  5. Unique eco-system of functionalities that broadens scope of work

Urbanise’s unique set of features enable FM companies to significantly increase their revenue, reduce costs and improve efficiency.