Aussie firm taps AWS to fix nation’s plumbing

Is this the cloud’s most unusual business application yet?

Australian firm Urbanise is using AWS to ease the headache of organising plumbing repairs in buildings around the country.

Building services provider ARA Building Services has picked the Urbanise platform to automate orders for painters, renovators, construction crews and other services via a smartphone app.

The idea is to eliminate the need to make multiple phone calls for emergency repairs and other building work, said ARA Building Services managing director Tony Murr.

Tenants could order a plumber, organise the demolition of a kitchen or other ad-hoc work: “It’s anything from renovating and rebuilding to doing pest control spray.”

“It’s like a shop basically,” Murr told CRN. “If you’re a resident and sitting in your lounge room and don’t like the look…

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